About The Wegmans

I came from a humble beginning with in a family of eight in Estes Brook, Minnesota on a small hog farm. I had a dream in second grade to become a beautician (which it was called back then) and to one day own my own salon. I wanted to touch lives through care and compassion and leave people with a newfound confidence in their appearance.

I moved to St. Cloud in July of 1999 and started my education that following November at the Regency Beauty Academy. I then graduated in January of 2001 and started my first job that same month. I began working independently 1½ years later after getting my salon management license. I also married my husband, Adam, in July of 2001 and have continued on our journey of marriage. Marriage has taught me endurance, passion and strength and has given me the opportunity to walk through life with a friend and undying love.

Im an Esthetician, updo specialist/makeup artist and Wellness Consultant— 17 years Experience.

As an educated stylist, I have created several cutting techniques and haircuts which include the “Pyramid Cut” and the “Upside-down Bob”. I want to bring out what is inside and have it match who you are on the outside. Enjoy being educated about hair, skin and body care and how to get your best look. I’m just waiting to tell you all about it!

I love people and genuinely care about your hair, your skin and your body needs. What interests me most is the ability to give you advice on your hair and to bring about a change for you that helps you feel confident in yourself and the beautiful person you are.

My special talent comes in performing updos and makeup and I love the creativeness of them as well.

In August of 2006, our dream and vision brought us to a historic church surrounded by the eloquent town and unique shops of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. We immediately began the renovation of the historic church, where we did 85% of the renovations our self. From that came our Wellness Salon and Spa that we were able to open to clients in January of 2007.  A year later my husband joined me and opened his very own jewelry business in the same building- www.wdesignsjewelry.com

A few years after opening we started our family!

We have one daughter Eden Grace and she is an absolute delight to us and has changed my life in such a wonderful way. Then came our second, a son, Lincoln Emery and he is a joyful and strong energetic little boy.  3rd was Solomon Jude who we call “Silo” our pillar of peace.

After 13 years of running a salon in spa in a Historic church we renovated and poured our hearts into we have now built a mini salon in a bus and have a mobile salon to travel right to you!


Thank for blessing me with the opportunity to serve you!