SALON TESTIMONIAL — “I have been a long time client of the J Amelias Wellness Salon, purely because this salon embodies the belief of a truly natural and organic experience. I find myself coming back because of the artistic and technical dedication that the J Amelia’s team continues to surpass. They always have new ways of making your beauty come alive!

Before turning to J Amelia’s, I had painful cystic acne. Consequently, my skin was weathered with deep scar spots, roughness, large pores, no moisture, early aging, and hard bumps underneath. At 19 years old, that robbed my confidence completely. After receiving the Glycolic peel, my skin felt and looked youthful again. The organic ingredients nurtured my skin from the inside out by restoring the natural moisture and promoting new skin cell production. Also, I took advantage of the personalized skin-care advice provided by Joanie.. Due to that advice, I now use the organic skin-care line at home twice a day; while sustaining a gluten-free diet. My skin is now clear and healthy after 1/2 years of struggle. Thank you J Amelia’s

— Celeste Yeats

Joanie- “You are such an amazing young woman and you are so successful! You serve and as inspiration to me and I enjoy when we can chat when I get my hair done. You are such a blessing and good luck with your salon.”

— Kellsey

  The Candida program has changed the way I look at food forever more. I look at food as a way to fuel my body in healthy ways now. This has been such a great experience for me. I’ve lost over 17 lbs in 30 days! I’ve learned so much about my body & I’ve overcome many trials and temptaions. I thought it would be a few body wraps and a couple of detox’s but it has now become my new lifestyle. Thank you for giving me my life back and my excitement about being healthy & fit.”

— Betsy Tanner

“With Joanie’s well planned practice on my hair for my wedding, my wedding day was fabulous. I had complete confidence and trust that I would look beautiful on my special day. She did an amazing job! My hair, makeup, and waxed and colored eyebrows looked so elegant. Thank you Joanie. Joanie is very organized, kind, ARTISTIC and confident. She takes her time to make sure you will love how you look. I am so thankful for her and her abilities to compliment others.”

— Megan Hartman

— “In 30 days my digestion problems have ceased. I am no longer sick when I eat. I do not have constipation or diarhea any longer. All of the uncomfortable pain and bloating is gone. My allergies have improved as well. I no longer need an allergy medication. No more itchy eyes, running nose or scratchy throat. I have more energy. I even lost 15 pounds! At the risk of sounding cliche I really have been given my life back!”

— Cameron Shannon

“One word: Amazing. Sometimes I swear she has a magic wand to make all your hair dreams come true! Joanie is a stylist who really knows her stuff. She gives you a few different options and she gives you her opinion (if you ask!), but ultimately she lets you make the final decision. Her specialty is up-do’s. She has more talent in this area than any other stylist I’ve ever worked with. I’m pretty sure she used that magic wand for my wedding up-do! I received so many compliments and it was so beautiful it didn’t even look anything like my normal hair! She makes it easy and a great experience every time I see her. Truly amazing! Thanks, Joanie!”

— Dr. Sara Cuperus

“Joanie is an honest woman with a lot of integrity. I always leave looking better, but more importantly, I always leave feeling better. Joanie has the unique and rare ability to truly listen to what her clients want – and then make it happen. She is undoubtedly a skilled stylist but her real skill comes with how she treats people. Joanie has a warm personality and it’s enjoyable to be around her. She knows how to create a relaxing environment and she is always current on the lastest hair styles, trends and techniques. Joanie follows through with her services and has proven to me that she is not going to be satisfied until I’m 110% satisfied. Thanks, Joanie. I keep getting compliments and my hair that you styled a month ago! Now that’s talent!”

— Laura J. Paulson

“I had a great experience here – Very fun and new! I would definitely come back and suggest it for anyone. Thank you soo much!”

— Ahley Mailand

“I love J Amelia’s! Very in style and fun. The girls are great and personable! I still can’t get over the awesome style the whole salon portrays! Love you girls!”

— Kristi

“Here’s to the most beautiful and fabulous ladies in the Northwoods! You Bring much joy, peace, and loveliness to the area! Thank you 2 million times over for all you each do and the gifts you bring!”

— Lori

“I super love the entire feeling and experience. Love the atmosphere, love the head massage. The energy here is soothing and uplifting all in one. So glad to have you in Pequot!”

— Sarah

“J Amelia’s is awesome! The pedicure was amazing! Thank you for all the genuine and excellent service!”

— Megs

“My hair was a complete disaster UNTIL you cleaned it up. I wanted to feel cute again and you gave it to me. You are by far worth the 2 hour drive! You’re the best! God has blessed you with a true talent! Keep it up girlie!”

— Kelly Kramer

“I couldn’t be happier with J Amelia’s! Love the staff and service! Fabulous. Best salon in the area! Hands down!”

— Crystal Glasers

“From the moment you walk into J Amelia’s you realize you are somewhere very special. Joanie, Adam, and Karen know exactly how to make you feel welcome and special from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave. The salon is absolutely beautiful. They truly do care about every single aspect of the services they provide. I have used many of their services and they have exceeded my expectations every single time. I feel very fortunate to have a salon of this caliber so close to home.”

— Juanita